Mistakes in medical treatment can cause great distress, and can often result in serious injury to the patient and, sometimes, even death.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence is the failure on the part of a medical professional to provide a required standard of treatment, resulting in personal injury or loss to the patient. It is an extremely traumatic experience for a patient and it can result in physical, emotional and personal distress, as well as loss of earnings.

Medical Negligence claims are often complex cases requiring the advice of a specialised personal injury lawyer. Gary Matthews Solicitors have substantial experience in the field of medical negligence and will be able to help you with your personal injury case.

It is the failure on the part of a medical professional to provide a required standard of treatment, resulting in personal injury or loss to the patient. It is an extremely traumatic experience for a patient and it can result in physical, emotional and personal distress, as well as loss of earnings.

Making a Claim

Our firm combines legal expertise with medical knowledge, built up over more than 20 years from our involvement in many medical negligence cases for both patients and their families.

We recognise that a medical accident has significant emotional and financial consequences for you and your family and we will do everything we can to make the process run as smoothly as possible for you. Although our aim is to secure proper compensation wherever appropriate, we hope in all cases to obtain an explanation for what happened to you and hold the doctor or hospital accountable for their actions. We strongly believe in the ethos that the ordinary man, woman or child who is the victim of medical negligence is entitled to just as good, if not better, legal representation than that provided to the State, hospital boards and medical consultants. We believe proper access to justice is a fundamental right and not a privilege.

To make a successful medical negligence claim you will need to prove that the standard of care you received fell below that of a reasonably competent practitioner in the relevant area of medicine, and also that the substandard care has directly resulted in a physical or mental injury.

Even if your case seems straightforward, the doctor/dentist or health authority are likely to contest any claim that you make, and Medical Negligence is a very specialist area of the law, so you should contact a solicitor who is an experienced expert in these types of claims.

Specialist Medical Negligence Claims

Although our firm deals with all types of Medical Injury, we have particular experience in the following Medical Negligence Claims:

  • Women and child’s health claims (gynaecology and obstetrics)
  • Birth Injury Claims
  • Cardiology
  • Claims resulting from cancer misdiagnosis/treatment
  • Plastic/cosmetic surgery gone wrong
  • Claims for delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Orthopaedics, trauma and amputation cases
  • Spinal injury compensation claims
  • Head /brain injury claims
  • MRSA/C-Difficile/hospital infection/superbug claims
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Ophthalmic and Laser Eye Surgery
  • Keyhole surgery claims
  • GP errors
  • Dental negligence claims
  • Cerebral palsy cases
  • Erbs palsy claims
  • Nursing and care home claims
  • Medical negligence compensation claims for military personnel ( including Army and Navy claims

We will obtain a copy of ALL your medical notes and records, assist you in drafting a detailed statement of the history of the medical accident and arrange an appointment for you to see a specialist medical negligence barrister to discuss your case generally.

Only after this meeting, will you then be in a position to make a clear decision as to whether or not to proceed with your case. 

I received a fantastic service from Gary. The advise and consultation I got was truthful knowledgeable and clear. My friend strongly recommended you and I went along with his advise. I have and will continue to recommend you to others.
Barry Watters
I hired Gary in 2009 for a personal injury case – not a bad service was received and I was very happy with the result and explained everything in plain English. Everything done by email and telephone as well – fast and efficient.
Laura O' Sullivan

Who can claim and why?

You can file the medical negligence claim for injuries and losses due to misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, inadequate treatment, careless treatment, incorrect treatment and serious surgical errors.
Depending on your personal injury case, you can file a claim for pain and suffering, loss of amenity, medical expenses, loss of earnings and the cost of care, housing and social needs, for now and into the future. In a case of medical negligence, if it is suspected that the professional duty of care was not fulfilled, the patient has the legal right to file a medical negligence claim against the offending party.

How we can help?

It is obvious that getting professional legal advice regarding potential medical negligence claim should be the first step toward protecting the legal rights of a patient. Such claim will require retaining a personal injury lawyer since only a trained solicitor will be knowledgeable in the various areas of law that will arise over the course of medical negligence claims.
If you believe you have a personal injury case due to medical negligence (you have been harmed while undergoing surgery or receiving medical care) you may be entitled to make a claim. Call Gary Matthews Solicitors to discuss how we can help you with your medical negligence claim.

If you need help or advice on what to do, there are several ways of getting in touch with us. You can call us on 01 903 6250 to discuss your query, or if you prefer to contact us online you can email us on info@gary.ie or complete our Start Your Claim form.

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