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Gary Matthews Solicitors has been providing legal services since 1995. Located at offices in Dublin and Northern Ireland, we deal exclusively with Personal Injury, Medical Negligence, Environmental Law/Oil Spill Claims, Cyber Crime and Accidents Abroad.

Gary Matthews and his dedicated team represent clients throughout Ireland and are well recognised for providing an independent, impartial and professional service. We aim to make your experience as straightforward and stress free as possible, while ensuring you are rewarded with the compensation you deserve.

Our experience and expertise combined with our commitment to provide unrivalled levels of client service and our unique funding facilities for clients, are the reasons why so many people are happy to select Gary Matthews Solicitors as their nominated Solicitors.

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Meet the team

Personal injury experts Ireland Gary Matthews Solicitors

Gary Matthews LLB
Principal Solicitor
Leading the way, with passion, energy and commitment.

T: +353 1 903 6250
Gary Matthews 25 year career has concentrated on Civil and Commercial litigation matters, in particular personal injury claims and has been involved in many of the leading litigation cases in Ireland in the past twenty five years. He reflects who we are today, where we are going and is 100% committed to serving his clients to the very best of his abilities.

Bernadette Collins LLB | Solicitor
Results Driven.
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 1001
Bernadette is a graduate of Queens University Belfast and The Institute of Professional Legal Studies. Bernadette concentrates on Civil and Commercial litigation matters. Drawing from her experience in successfully handling personal injury claims, Bernadette’s focus is on achieving the best possible results for her client’s.
Amy Goss LLB | Solicitor
A refreshingly open and responsive personal injury specialist
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 1002
Amy is a graduate of Queens University Belfast and The Institute of Professional Legal Studies. Since joining Gary Matthews Solicitors Amy has worked solely in the firms Civil and Commercial litigation departments, operating in all jurisdictions and across all counties . Amy is very determined and will pursue a case to the end to achieve the best results for her clients and the maximum settlement terms.
Collette Mc Loughlin | Legal Executive
Firing up our litigation team.
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 1004
Collette brings great commitment and action to our litigation team. Very experienced in the areas of personal injury litigation, environmental law and debt recovery. Collette has fantastic energy and a real capacity for work. Expect results.
Shauna Cunningham | Legal Executive
Helping the team from instructions to settlement.
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 100
Shauna is part of our induction team and supports our litigation department. She brings extensive customer service experience and is committed to serving the firm’s clients to the very best of her abilities. Great communicator and organizer.
Charlene Patterson | Legal Executive
A safe pair of hands.
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 1003
Charlene has over 20 years experience in bringing all litigation matters to a successful completion. Great capacity for work and supporting the clients throughout the litigation process. Expect results and fast.
Benjamin Rozek | Legal Executive
Helping Foreign Nationals understand the legal process.
T: (01) 903 6250 ext 1010
Benjamin mówi w języku Polskim, Niemieckim, Hiszpanskim i Japońskim. Ściśle współpracował z wielojęzycznymi społecznościami przez ponad 5 lat, zajmując się rożnymi aspektami prawa z dziedziny obrażeń ciala, prawa pracy, i prawa wynajmu. Benjamin reprezentuje międzynarodowych klientów w naszej firmie i zajmuje sie tłumaczeniami, ugodami i może odpowiedzieć na każde państwa pytanie w związku z prawem w Irlandii. Jeśli nie mowisz po Anglielsku, prosze pytać o Benjamina.

Why choose Gary Matthews Solicitors?

When making a personal injury claim, due to the huge media presence of PIAB giving details on how you personally can make your claim, you may feel confused and think you do not need a solicitor anymore! Whilst it is possible to complete your claim without instructing a Solicitor, you need to be aware of the benefits of instructing us.

Primarily, we will represent you and instruct the best experts to ensure the best outcome for you. In a similar way if your car broke down you would employ a mechanic to fix it. Could you fix the problem yourself? Possibly, but you are most likely going to get the fully qualified expert to do the work on your behalf.

You need to be aware of the benefits of instructing Gary Matthews Solicitors – click on this here.

At Gary Matthews Solicitors, client service is at the heart of everything we do. We put YOU, the person we are dealing with first.

Of course the legal issues are important too, but with Gary Matthews Solicitors, you get the best of both worlds – great advice and the very best in client service.

As a client of Gary Matthews Solicitors you will receive a professional, courteous, efficient and communicative service in all your dealings with us. We go the extra mile in every claim so as to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Other than acting for our clients to claim the best possible outcome for their injuries we also provide support services such as sourcing the best medical experts providing the necessary treatments, Physiotherapists, Engineers and more.

Insurance companies have huge resources at their disposal to defend claims and only hire experienced lawyers to represent their interests. You too are entitled to specialist representation by an experienced niche personal injury firm. Your welfare is our priority and we are committed to acting in your best interest at all times. We offer personal attention, use plain language and provide practical and impartial advice through every stage of the claims process. We have also taken steps to ensure that all claims can be transacted by telephone, email, or post in order to reduce the inconvenience caused in the process of pursuing your claim.

At Gary Matthews Solicitors we appoint a single point of contact to guide you through the whole process and keep up to date each step of your claim. We communicate in simple, clear English, in a way which is convenient for YOU!
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