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When you are making a personal injury claim you may be unsure what level of compensation you may receive. As explained here the Personal Injuries Board use The Book of Quantum as a general guide to the amounts that may be awarded. This guide was produced in 2004 and is used as a guide. It is important to note that this is not a rigid format, the awards given in regards a personal injury will always be assessed on an individual basis. The Book of Quantum was published in June 2004, it has not been updated since and thus has received criticism from the High Court.

The severity of the injury is considered, how it will affect your life now and in the future.
Categories include: ‘substantially recovered’, ‘significant ongoing’, ‘serious and permanent conditions’. When awarding a personal injury claim the Injuries Board will consider the effect your injury has on your life.

It should be noted that Gary Matthews Solicitors believe these awards are extremely out of date.  This is echoed in the recent judgement by Barton J in McGarry v McGarry & ors [2015] IEHC 426 where it was held that the Injuries Board Book of Quantum had not been kept updated to reflect awards of the courts in line with assurances given by the Government at the time of its introduction.

All awards are supposedly in line with Court awards.  In practice however, Gary Matthews Solicitors has, in 98% of cases where advice was provided to decline an award, achieved a more favourable outcome for claimants.

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