With the prevalence of cheap flights, internet travel agents and low cost travel in general, the world has never been more accessible or interconnected in travel terms. This has led to an increase in claims surrounding travel abroad. It is important that you are aware if you are entitled to make a claim.

This can often seem complicated as you may be asked many questions and be dealing with law in a country which you are unfamiliar with, however the team at Gary Matthews are available to offer advice and represent your claim.

All tour operators are under a legal obligation to ensure that their customers have a safe and trouble free holiday. If you have been involved in an overseas incident, you can sometimes take a legal action against the tour operator based in Ireland, even though the accident took place at a foreign hotel, foreign travel, etc.

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Sometimes when on holiday it does not go to plan, and as a result you may be entitled to make a claim. Common accidents and claims regarding package holiday bookings often include:

  • Injury sustained during organised excursions such as hiking or biking
  • Injury caused by disrepair of hotels or other accommodation
  • Skiing and snowboard accidents
  • Traffic accidents—either as a driver or passenger
  • Illness caused by contaminated water
  • Delayed or cancelled flights
  • Food poisoning
  • The holiday you went on was lower in value than the one you booked. E.G you booked a deluxe room but got a standard room.

If you go on holiday & do not get what you paid for, it is the responsibility of your holiday provider. If not, you have the right to complain and claim.


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Our Top Tips.

♦Report any problems as soon as they occur.
♦Follow the company’s complaints policy and report the issue to your rep.

♦Keep records of who you’ve spoken to with dates, times etc
♦Take photos as evidence & obtain copies of  any medical bills or reports before coming home.
♦Contact the expert team at Gary Matthews Solicitors for advice on how to make your claim.

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