Determining if You Have a Cancer Misdiagnosis Case (via Paul & Perkins – USA)

The following article appeared on the website of US medical malpractice law firm Paul & Perkins but it contains useful guide with universal principles for those trying to determine if they have a potential cancer misdiagnosis case.

Cancer misdiagnosis victims may be able to file a medical negligence, or medical malpractice, lawsuit against the doctor or other party responsible for the cancer misdiagnosis. When filing a lawsuit against another party, the patient or patient’s family is referred to as the plaintiff. The doctor or other party in question is referred to as the defendant. A cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit may be filed against any party responsible for the cancer misdiagnosis, such as a nurse, pathologist, or any company or entity that employs the responsible personnel.

A cancer misdiagnosis can be complex and time-consuming. When patients believe that medical negligence was the cause of their cancer misdiagnosis, the patients and their families should seek the legal assistance of a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer. A cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can review the case’s facts, file a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit, and follow-through with the legal process.

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