Friends’ personal injury claims dismissed over misleading evidence (via

CCTV from lorry involved in incident shown in court

Two friends who brought personal injury claims after a lorry “grazed” a car while they were parked in the hard shoulder of the M7 have had their claims dismissed for giving misleading evidence and failing to disclose details of previous accidents.

Christian Carluccio and Leonid Iliev sued Dungarvan Transport Ltd and driver Gruselionis Valdas following an incident on November 15, 2018.

The pair claimed they had pulled in to check if there was a puncture when they were struck by a lorry, which resulted in them suffering neck, back and knee injuries.

While the defendants admitted liability, they disputed the level of impact and the veracity of the claims.

The lorry involved had cameras installed on the front, rear and sides, and CCTV of the incident was shown in court, with Mr David Roberts BL pointing out how the car the plaintiffs were in “didn’t even move”.

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