Woman seen on CCTV to ‘genuflect’ before collapsing on floor of Penneys loses €38,000 damages claim (via Independent.ie)

A 44-year-old woman, who was seen on CCTV to “genuflect” before collapsing, has lost a personal injuries claim for €38,000 against the Omni Park Shopping Centre in Santry and Penneys.

Judge Terence O’Sullivan, after watching a video of the incident, said Beata Mosakowska appeared to collapse gradually as her already painful left knee bent and went from under her when she slowly went down, injuring her healthy right knee.

Forensic engineer Kevin Rudden, head of Garland Consulting, who inspected the area and carried out a detailed examination of CCTV footage of the incident, told the court he noticed Ms Mosakowska, now aged 54, going down on the left knee in an apparent genuflection movement.

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