Meet the Burkes: Suspended teacher Enoch Burke hails from a controversial family of evangelical Christians (via

Family matriarch Martina Burke has home-schooled all her 10 children, and several of them have run into controversy in their professional lives

On Tuesday, a secondary school secured a temporary High Court injunction preventing teacher Enoch Burke from attending the school or teaching any classes while he remains suspended from his position.

Enoch opposes addressing a student, who wishes to transition their gender, with the pronoun “they” and has come into conflict with the school principal.

Enoch Burke has not been sanctioned, and no finding has been made against him by the school.

The Burke family are evangelical Christians from Co Mayo known for their strident beliefs.

They have also become known for launching various long-running protests and campaigns against issues like marriage equality and the abortion referendum.

Family members have also been involved and, on occasion, involved themselves in several high-profile legal cases.

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