€40,000 settlement after cabin pressure drop left some Ryanair passengers with bleeding ears during emergency landing (via Independent.ie)

The cases arise from an incident during a flight between Dublin and Zadar in Croatia

The first in a series of compensation claims against Ryanair over injuries allegedly sustained during an emergency landing has been settled for around €40,000.

The cases arise from an incident during which an aircraft cabin became depressurised on a flight between Dublin and Zadar, Croatia.

A sudden loss of cabin pressure forced the pilots to rapidly descend.

Oxygen masks were released during the incident.

German police said 33 of 189 passengers were hospitalised, some bleeding from their ears, after the plane made an emergency landing at Frankfurt Hahn Airport on July 13, 2018.

An interim report by the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation described it as a “serious incident”.

It triggered a raft of lawsuits, and the first one to reach court was settled yesterday without any admission of liability by the airline.

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