Three jailed for trespassing at family home repossessed by mortgage company (via

Three men have been sent to Mountjoy Prison for trespassing at a former family home which was repossessed by a mortgage company.

A fourth man, Dylan Kavanagh, avoided imprisonment by giving a sworn undertaking to the court that he would obey the orders made by Mr Justice Senan Allen last March.

Ms Justice Emily Egan made orders today committing to prison Dylan’s father, Vincent Kavanagh and two others who had been found this morning at their former home at 36 Beechwood Park in Carlow, in contempt of the earlier orders.

They would at any point be able to purge their contempt by giving an undertaking to obey the March orders, she said.

The judge said she wished it could have been possible to explain the gravity of the orders to the three men, but they had made it clear they did not recognise the authority of the court.

Committal orders are an “absolute last resort”, she said, but the fate of the four men was “entirely” in their hands, and she now had no choice but to commit three of them.

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