Irish woman’s legal action against singer Rihanna for alleged ‘malicious falsehoods’ in email and phone call to go ahead (via

An Irish woman’s High Court action against the singer Rihanna is continuing after certain pre-trial matters were resolved on Tuesday.

Dana Kavanagh (47) is suing the US-based singer alleging “malicious falsehoods” in an email and in a phone call.

Ms Kavanagh of Woodbank Drive, Valley Park, Finglas, Dublin is suing the billionaire singer under the name “Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna”, with an address at Lafayette Street, New York.

In her action, Ms Kavanagh claims she was caused mental distress and emotional suffering because of what she says was a false and malicious email sent on July 11, 2013, about her (Kavanagh’s) partner Geoffrey Keating, who was Rihanna’s head of security in 2012 and 2013.

She is also suing over a phone call the singer allegedly made to Ms Kavanagh’s sister-in-law in relation to the same matter.

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