British tourist reunited with false teeth he lost in Spain 11 years ago while vomiting into a bin

A holidaymaker who lost his false teeth while vomiting into a bin on a boozy night out in Benidorm was stunned when they turned up in the post 11 years on.

Paul Bishop, 63, said he “fell ill” after drinking cider during a night out in the Spanish party resort in 2011.

After Paul’s dentures were found in landfill, Spanish authorities used DNA records to eventually track him to his Stalybridge, Greater Manchester home.

He said he was “gobsmacked and stunned” when he saw his long-lost gnashers.

Recalling the events of that hazy night more than a decade ago, Paul told BBC North West Tonight: “I had downed the rest of my cider and it decided to come back up.

“The bin was the closest thing to me.

“When we headed to the next bar, my friend then turned round to me and asked where my teeth were.”

‘Absolutely stunned’
Paul rummaged around in vain for his dentures in the bin.

So when they turned up out of the blue in the post, he said he “thought someone was playing a prank”.

He explained that his false teeth had been passed from the landfill site to authorities.

“Next thing you know, they have found my DNA and address from British records, and popped it in the post.”

Paul described the whole thing as “unbelievable”.

“Everyone knows about my famous teeth… I am going to have to open a Stalybridge teeth museum!”