Your personal finance questions – I was mugged so can I make a claim on my home insurance?

By Charlie Weston for

Q I was mugged recently and my wallet and my keys, which were in my handbag, were stolen. I have reported it to the Gardaí and cancelled my cards. Because I had my ID and proof of address in my bag, I also had to have all the locks replaced in my home for security purposes. My friend said I might be able to claim the cost of the lock repairs back. It cost me €500 in total.

A In short, it depends on which company you have insurance cover with, according to Billy Shannon of Aviva Insurance Ireland. Different insurance providers may have different levels of cover.

This is why it is important that you look through the policy benefits to ensure they suit your needs before choosing your insurer, or at the very least the minute you have taken out a policy, so that if you want to cancel, you can do so within the 14-day cooling off period, he said.

Mr Shannon added that he would be hopeful whichever insurer you are currently with would offer you some money towards the cost.

At Aviva, if the keys to your home are stolen in a personal assault or break-in, you will be paid up to €400 to cover the cost of replacing outside door locks, locks on domestic safes or alarm keys, he said.