The Injuries Board under assessed my case by €311,736.26

Gary Matthews has issued a call for a “realistic review of the 2004 Book of Quantum” following a successful case before The High Court.

Gary Matthews Solicitor, Principal Partner in the firm of Gary Matthews Solicitors,  represented a 47-year-old man who sustained an accident at work in County Wexford.

The man was awarded €38,263.73 by the Injuries Board to compensate him for general damages, pain and suffering and future pain and suffering. After rejecting the Injuries Board Assessment and contacting the firm of Gary Matthews Solicitors, his case was ultimately settled for €350,000.00, a difference of €311,736.27 from the Injuries Board Assessment and an increase of 914% from the Assessment figure!

Gary Matthews Solicitor advises that “this is another example of a major under assessment by The Injuries Board”. The Book of Quantum, was to ensure that innocent victims were adequately compensated and once again this case demonstrates that it is failing miserably in this objective”.

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Being the victim of a personal injury can be a stressful and worrying time, from dealing with an injury and the effects this has on your day to life therefore it is vital you receive a reward that reflects this. The expert team at Gary Matthews Solicitors are committed to ensuring each and every client receives the justice they deserve.

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