Book of Quantum review promised

Conor O’Brien, chief executive of the Injuries Board finally promises a review of the 2004 Book of Quantum!

Figures published in the Board’s 2015 Annual Overview show that nearly 34,000 new personal injury claims were submitted to theInjuries Board in 2015, representing a six per cent increase in new claims compared to 2014.

Conor O’Brien, chief executive of the Injuries Board, said: “, we are seeking to ensure c

Conor O'Brien CEO of Injuries Board. 30/3/2016 Picture by Fergal Phillips
Conor O’Brien CEO of Injuries Board. 30/3/2016
Picture by Fergal Phillipsontinued clarity around compensation values and an independent review of the Book of Quantum is underway for publication later this year”.

It should be noted that Gary Matthews Solicitors firmly believes that these Injury Board Assessments  are hopelessly out of date.  This is echoed in the recent judgement by Barton J in McGarry v McGarry & ors

[2015] IEHC 426where it was held that the PIAB Book of Quantum had not been kept updated (SINCE 2004!) to reflect awards of the courts. This is despite assurances being given by the Government at the time of the introduction of the PIAB Act in 2004 that the Book of Quantum would beupdated every three years.

Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the Judgement and read paragraphs 117 & 118 to read the comments of Justice Barton. Click here.

We will keep you updated on progress of the Book of Quantum. If you are going through the Injuries Board process or someone you know ensure your contact us for a second opinion! Our team has over 25 years of experience in the most complex accident cases. We deal with all sorts of damage caused by even long and hard work. We want each customer to be compensated fairly. Where we provide advice to decline an award, it is based on 25 years’ experience of assessing the value of claims to achieve a more favourable outcome for our clients than the Injuries Board Assessment.