The Injuries Board is flawed!

At Gary Matthews Solicitors we receive contact from personal injury claimants all over Ireland who are confused by the correspondence they have received from the Injuries Board.

We have documented a range of Case Studies highlighting how this system has let down victims repeatedly. As a result the claim is not processed and due to time constraints many victims receive no compensation for their claim.

Our advice to you is to always appoint a solicitor. We offer practical legal advice to you & can advise on all options should you wish to proceed. We are experts in personal injury claims & ensure you get the advice and support you need.

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Have you sustained a Back Injury In the Workplace

Preventing back injuries is a major workplace safety challenge. Employers are required by law to adhere to strict Health and Safety regulations. It is their duty to provide a safe working environment for all staff

How long do I have to claim?

How long do I have to make a personal injury claim? As a general rule an accident compensation claim must be registered with The Injuries Board (and acknowledged) within two years of the accident date. There

Gary MatthewsStatement from Gary Matthews LLB

Each day we receive phone calls and inquiries from confused members of the public regarding the Injuries Board process, many of whom have reached a stage were their claim is statute barred and cannot proceed simply because the advice given to them is inadequate. Being the victim of an accident can be a very stressful and life changing time and therefore it is vital that citizens are given the appropriate advice and a higher level of service – it is after all citizens of the country who fund The Injuries Board.

A system that has not been reviewed in 10 years and that is ‘paper only’ offering no real advice or reasoning to claimants is simply unacceptable – victims need the proper documents and advice to explain their rights, action needed and any time limits of their compensation claim made clear to them in simple English. Fundamentally, a claimant should be told that a solicitor should complete the process for them to ensure it is done correctly, in time and more importantly to advise then if the “Assessment” figure issued by The Injuries Board is fair and reasonable compensation.

Change is needed and I hope, following recent pressures and media interest and criticism of the Injuries Board Process, that progress can be made – it is vital that Government addresses these issues now.

In relation to the client above, it is quite simply appalling that a fit and healthy man should have his life turned upside down forever and be told he is receiving no compensation for an accident that was not his fault, simply because the documents did not clearly tell him what to do. A complicated and vague paper exercise is being used to protect larger insurance firms and is not acting in the interests of innocent victims.

Our Results
I contacted Gary after I recieved my assessment of €38,263.73 by the Injuries Board to compensate him for general damages, pain and suffering and future pain and suffering. After rejecting the Injuries Board Assessment and contacting the firm of Gary Matthews Solicitors, I recieved €350,000.00, a difference of €311,736.27* from the Injuries Board Assessment and an increase of 914% from the Assessment figure! I would highly recommend the practice, they give excellent advice and communicated throughout the process.

*This case involved unique circumstances and an increase of 914% from the Assessment figure does not reflect the vast majority of awards made by the Injuries Board. However what this case clearly demonstrates is that in certain serious cases, the High Court is the only appropriate forum to assess damages.

Keith, Wexford
44% of assessments are rejected & go straight to court. Always appoint a solicitor.

Gary Matthews Solicitors offers no nonsense legal advice to all claimants and we take pride in providing an expert service to ensure victims are represented properly from the beginning to the end of their claim.

However, the first step to achieving this is for The Injuries Board to tell all Claimants in their opening correspondence that they are entitled and should obtain independent legal advice from a Solicitor. The Injuries Board must change and start acting in the best interests of the innocent victim and not the insurers.