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Death & Injury toll among cyclists at 10 year high!

Making a Claim: What every cyclist needs to know. You may cycle to work, school or college every day. Or you might just like nothing better than a leisurely cycle through Ireland’s beautiful countryside. However often you get on your bike, accidents can happen and it’s best to be prepared. We’re sorry to report that

The Shocking Truth about Electrocution Injuries

No engineering achievement has had a greater impact on human culture than electrical power. As electrical power gains in significance and becomes more vital in today’s modern society, it poses an equal threat in terms of safety. Accidents do and will occur, especially among electrical workers who handle commercial electrical power lines everyday. Recently, the use of electrical power has

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Cosmetic Procedure Aboard has gone wrong!

Irish people travelling abroad to avail of cheaper costs of surgical cosmetic procedures has been the subject matter of much press coverage in recent years, with the press particularly taken by the savings which can be achieved versus the costs of privately funding such procedures in this jurisdiction. The website noted that traffic through

Underassessment of the Injuries Board

Under-assessment of the Injuries Board. Being the victim of a personal injury can be a stressful and worrying time, from dealing with an injury and the effects this has on your day to life therefore it is vital you receive a reward that reflects this. The expert team at Gary Matthews Solicitors are committed to

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Employee awarded €60,000 in compensation as a result of bullying and harassment in her workplace.

Damages were awarded not just on view of injuries sustained from treatment from another employee, but of the overall view which Management had of the plaintiff, where she was branded a “troublemaker“. An employee claimed that they were subject to unacceptable treatment by their Line Manager and that shortly afterwards she was systematically bullied and

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