Dental Negligence

When it comes to getting dental treatment we expect to be treated with care and expertise by dental professionals, so it can be very distressing if you have suffered dental negligence.

Dental negligence is a type of medical negligence when careless or incorrect dental work results in physical or emotional distress. If you feel that you have been the victim of a dentist’s negligence, you should contact us immediately. It is appropriate to make your dental negligence claim either against the private or public dentist who caused the personal injury. In some instances you may need to bring the claim against the agent that represented the dental firm if for example you had treatment abroad.

What are types of dental negligence?

  • Missed or incorrect diagnosis. If a dentist misdiagnoses a dental problem or fails to see a tooth injury and continues to carry out incorrect work, resulting in further pain and suffering, this can be seen as dental negligence.
  • Inadequate treatment and/or aftercare. If a dentist carries out inadequate aftercare treatment and you suffer personal injury because of this lack of or incorrect treatment, you can claim dental negligence compensation.
  • Careless work. If a dentist causes a personal injury whilst treating you, either by situating implements in the wrong place or not properly carrying out the operation, you may well be able to make a dental negligence claim.
  • Drug usage error. If a dentist gives the wrong amount of a drug, does not administer it properly or fails to test for allergic reactions prior to treatment, this may well constitute a viable dental negligence compensation claim if personal injury occurred as a result.
  • Swallowed instruments. Although rare, dental instruments and swabs may not be secured properly and may fall down the person’s throat. These dental negligence compensation cases are very often successful.

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