The Injuries Board will not tell you if the parties named by you are correct and cannot correct any mistakes made by you!

The case of Noel Recruitment (Ireland) Limited -v- PIAB & Moro Issak [2015] IEHC 20 is a classic example of this. Moro’s case began in 2009 when he sustained severe personal injuries due to an accident at work. He lodged his case with the Injuries Board and mistakenly named the wrong parties. The Injuries Board issued an Authorisation in the name of the wrong parties.


Moro’s realised his mistake and lodged a second application with the Injuries Board naming the correct parties. The Injuries Board issued a second Authorisation naming all the correct parties.

Moro issued court proceedings and the Defendants defended the case on the basis that Moro’s claim would be statue barred, except for the existence of the second Authorisation.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the Defendants and issued an order quashing the second authorisation, thereby rendering Moro’s case statute barred and he did not receive any compensation for his injuries.

Remember, the Injuries Board does not provide legal advice and if you are dealing with the Injuries Board personally, you run the risk, like Moro, that you may be suing the wrong parties, or worst still, of not issuing your proceedings in time!

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