Do I have a case for personal injury compensation?

Do I have a case? No doubt this is the first question you’ve been asking yourself since the accident or incident. While you may have heard numerous stories and anecdotes, the only way of truly knowing if you have a case is to get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Gary Matthews

The Shocking Truth about Electrocution Injuries

No engineering achievement has had a greater impact on human culture than electrical power. As electrical power gains in significance and becomes more vital in today’s modern society, it poses an equal threat in terms of safety. Accidents do and will occur, especially among electrical workers who handle commercial electrical power lines everyday. Recently, the use of electrical power has

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Have you sustained injuries by being an innocent passenger?

Have you sustained injuries by being an innocent passenger? You may be entitled to claim. If you have been injured as a passenger in a private vehicle, on a motorbike, commercial or other vehicle or on public transport, then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. It is important to note that

Dear Diary… Diaries & Personal Injury Cases

Many people are familiar with the basics of personal injury cases. They understand "pain & suffering," and the fact that the party at fault should pay their medical bills and any out of pocket expenses. One thing all claimants need to prove to any Court is the fact that they are suffering and have

The Injuries Board offers no support!

 The Injuries Board will not advise you if your case may be statute barred! The case of Patricia Carroll -v- Mater Misericordiae Hospital [2011] IEHC 231 is an excellent example of this. The background facts of her case was as follows; Patricia was a housewife and on the 30th May, 2005 she was as

Are you being scammed by your insurance company?

Don't let your insurance company use "replica car parts". After an accident, some insurance companies are using replica car parts, without notifying policyholders, in an attempt to keep the cost of the repair bills down. The potential savings can be substantial. A replica wing for a Volkswagen Golf costs about £40. A wing made

Cosmetic Procedure Aboard has gone wrong!

Irish people travelling abroad to avail of cheaper costs of surgical cosmetic procedures has been the subject matter of much press coverage in recent years, with the press particularly taken by the savings which can be achieved versus the costs of privately funding such procedures in this jurisdiction. The website noted that traffic

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